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Hamilton CapTel Devices

One simple, smart solution for all your smart devices… Hamilton® CapTel® Call Me #

The Hamilton CapTel Call Me # is your personal phone number which makes it possible to receive captioned calls on your PC/Mac, Smartphone and Tablet. Share your Hamilton CapTel Call Me # with family, friends and businesses and answer your next call with captions on the smart device of your choice.

Get your Hamilton CapTel Call Me # today! Simply log into your Hamilton CapTel account, visit “Receive Calls” and click on the Call Me # link. It’s that easy. Plus, your Hamilton CapTel Call Me # is free!

Not a registered Hamilton CapTel User?

If you don’t have an account, you can register with us today. The Call Me # works with the Hamilton CapTel Mobile Apps for smartphones and tablets and Web CapTel from your PC or Mac.

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