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Hamilton CapTel Phone Technical Specifications

Similar to captions on television, where spoken words appear as written text for viewers to read, Hamilton CapTel provides word-for-word captions of what’s said, to the individual who experiences hearing loss, during telephone conversations.

Hamilton CapTel 840i
Hamilton CapTel 840i
Hamilton CapTel 2400i
Hamilton CapTel 2400i
Telephone Service Y Y
High-speed Internet Access (Ethernet or WiFi compatible) Y Y
Standard electrical power Y Y
Physical Dimensions
Width 9" 12.56"
Height 6.5" 9.54"
Depth 7.5" 3.64"
Weight 2 lb. 10oz. 3 lbs. 2.3 oz.
AC Adapter 6 VDC, 1670 mA (barrel is negative) 6 VDC, 2 A (barrel is negative)
Adapter is UL listed Y Y
Dial Pad
Key Size 0.75" x 0.70" 0.67" x 0.56"
Backlit, graphical LCD color display Y Y
Screen Size 7" 10.1"
Pixel Resolution 840 x 480 1024 x 600
Resistive touch panel N Y
Function Buttons
Volume Y Y
Tone Y Y
Redial Y Y
Flash Y Y
Mute Y Y
Customer Service speed dial Y Y
Captions Y Y
Home N Y
3 Programmable Speed Dial Y N
Up/Down/Yes/No Y N
Conversation Amplification when Captions ON 0-40 dB gain 0-40 dB gain
Conversation Amplification when Captions OFF 0-18 dB gain 0-18 dB gain
Tone Y Low, Medium, High
Customizable to match personal audiogram N Y
Speakerphone N Y
Ringer Volume Off Y Y
Ringer Volume Low Y Y
Ringer Volume Medium Y Y
Ringer Volume High 0-87 dB at 1 meter 0–90dB at 1 meter
Indicator Lights
Mute Y Y
Volume Levels (1 through 12) Y Y
Captions On/Off Y Y
Ring Flasher N Y
Type HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible) HAC (Hearing Aid Compatible)
Phone Book 97 entries 100 entries
Speed Dial 3 entries 4 entries
Redial Last 10 dialed numbers Last number dialed
Favorites N 10 entries
Small Font Size 0.15" 0.22"
Medium Font Size 0.20" 0.26"
Large Font Size 0.25" 0.36"
Extra Large Font Size 0.33" N
Adjustable colors for background and font Y Y
Telephone line Requires RJ11 connection (can be standard analog line, VOIP, DSL with filter, FIOS. Does not support digital PBX system unless analog port available).
3.5 mm Neckloop/Headset Y Y
2.5 mm Headset with microphone Y Y
Ethernet or WiFi wireless network Y Y
AC power Y Y
Conversation Memory 500 lines of captions 360,000 characters (minimum of 10 hours of conversation)
Caller ID History Info saved for last 99 calls Info saved for last 100 calls
Answering Machine
Recordable messages 60 100
Recordable greeting Y Default or Personalized
Selectable number of rings before answer Y Y

Caption the Conversation

If you or someone you care about just can’t hear on the phone, see the difference one phone call can make with Hamilton CapTel.

Live Chat is available during the following hours:

Monday – Friday:
8:30 AM to 12:30 AM Eastern

Saturday, Sunday:
11:00 AM to 6:30 PM Eastern