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Support for the Hamilton CapTel 840i Phone

Hamilton CapTel Phone Model 840i

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What is Captioned Telephone (CapTel)?
  2. How does CapTel work?
  3. Can I get captions on my current telephone?
  4. What equipment do I need to receive phone captions?
  5. Where can I get a CapTel Phone?
  6. Can I receive captions in Spanish?
  7. If I don’t use the caption feature, does it affect the amplification gain?
  8. What happens to the CapTel Phone when it is unplugged or power is lost?
  9. I’m experiencing difficulty connecting to Hamilton CapTel service. How do I know if there’s an service interruption occurring?
  10. Why do I need to register my CapTel Phone?
  11. Who needs to register?
  12. What happens if I don’t register my CapTel Phone?
  13. What does Hamilton CapTel do with my registered information?
  14. Why am I required to provide my Date of Birth and the last four (4) digits of my Social Security number?
  15. What is the User Registration Database (URD) and what does it have to do with me?

Placing Calls

  1. How do I place a call with the CapTel Phone?
  2. Can I save the telephone numbers that I dial often?

Receiving Calls

  1. How do I receive a call with the CapTel Phone?
  2. How do people call me using the CapTel Phone?
  3. How do I activate captions for incoming calls with the CapTel Phone?


  1. Can I turn the captions on/off anytime during the call?
  2. Does Caller ID work with the CapTel Phone?
  3. I subscribe to Caller ID. How do I check my Call History?
  4. Can I change the font size, font color and background color?
  5. Can I review the captions (scroll up or down) while still on the call?
  6. Can I save and review the captions of a conversation after the call has been disconnected?
  7. Can I save telephone numbers to a directory on my CapTel Phone?
  8. Does the CapTel Phone have a speakerphone option?
  9. Is the CapTel Phone hearing aid compatible?
  10. Can I access the menu options during a call?
  11. Can I adjust the Ringer Volume on the CapTel Phone?
  12. Can I adjust the Ringer Pitch on the CapTel Phone?
  13. Can I set the Captions Default to on or off?
  14. How do I delete saved captions from the CapTel Phone?
  15. Can deleted captions be recovered?
  16. Can the CapTel Phone save the captions of all my conversations?
  17. How do I update my CapTel Phone with the latest software?

Call Types

  1. Are long distance charges incurred when using the CapTel Phone?
  2. Can I make international calls using the CapTel Phone?
  3. Do I have to register my long distance provider when using the CapTel Phone?
  4. If my Internet service goes down, will the CapTel Phone operate as a standard phone?


  1. What are the technical requirements for the CapTel Phone?
  2. Where is the best location to set up my CapTel Phone?
  3. Do I still need my telephone service?
  4. How can I get technical assistance with the set-up and use of my CapTel Phone?

911 Calls

  1. Can I place a 911 call with Hamilton CapTel?
  2. If I call 911 using the CapTel Phone, will I still receive captions?
  3. Will 911 emergency call centers be able to identify my location if I dial 911 with my CapTel Phone (Models 800i, 840i, 880i and 2400i)?

Don't Own a CapTel Phone Yet?

If hearing on the phone is a problem, Hamilton® CapTel® is the perfect solution. You’ve read captions on TV – now imagine reading captions on your telephone. This is what the Hamilton CapTel Phone is all about.

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